Small batch for freshness, genuine anti-aging benefits

Skincare is a very important part of an anti-aging regime but also nourishes and protects the skin from the environment and from stress, sun damage etc. Lifestyle factors also play a role in overall skin health so please consider this when using good quality skincare. A lot of people ask us why the skincare we produce is different from other brands. The simple answer is the fact that it is small batch and therefore prepared fresh. We are very specific about the suppliers we purchase from and ensure they meet our sustainability and quality controls/criteria.

Our skincare performs because it is fresh. We make our products in small batches and we order our ingredients as we need them. The ingredients are put into our products at the start of their natural life cycle. We label, fill and package our own range all in house. We usually make about 20 of each type at a time. The process involves the bottles to be sterilised, labelled by hand and filled by a filling machine. The essential oils are blended into the product and these are poured into a range of amber coloured packaging. For our face cremes, we use amber glass jars with airless pumps to protect the product from the elements. We have use by dates that are up to two years but we recommend people to store our skincare away from heat and direct sunlight. Some of our items can be left in the fridge usually our facial mists but this is not necessary.

We do not manufacture thousands of items at a time for several reasons. Manufacturing in small batch helps to cut down on waste as a lot of companies will produce thousands of bottles and then discard the ones that did not sell. Mass production of skincare means that shelf life is longer usually due to the use of parabens and petrochemical based preservative systems. Some of the commercial brands may also purchase ingredients in large quantities and store them for years on end. The purity factor is sacrificed. These companies do this because it is more cost effective to make thousands of bottles at one time. Mass manufacturing of a product is wasteful but may also create losses for the company in question that may be offset by adjusting the quality of ingredients in the next batch.

We use natural preservatives and essential oils to protect our products. The need for preservatives and stabilizers may prolong shelf life but this can be avoided if the skincare is freshly blended and sold within a reasonable time of manufacture. Due to economy of scale, this may not make a lot of sense to a lot of companies but niche small batch producers recognise the importance of quality and shortening the time of manufacture to the point of sale. Natural preservatives are more expensive but these help to prevent bacterial and mould and extend shelf life. We use potassium sorbate (derived from berries) and Leuconostoc/ Radish Root Ferment Filtrate and find these to be the most effective in our formulations.

Our skincare is also environmentally friendly. We do not and will not test on animals or put our skincare in any country that requires animal testing. We are purely plant based and source sustainable, wild crafted, unrefined and certified organic nut seed and essential oils. We do not use palm oils and we do not use beeswax.

We use essential oils in our skincare for scent but also because of the benefits each oil can offer. To learn more about which essential oils we use, please consult the ingredients list or ask us.

Being small batch means we have variety and the ability to introduce new ranges and variations of each product quite easily. The products can be tailored to your specific skincare needs, ie in some cases we can modify a scent or offer an unscented version.

Innovation also plays a role. If we decide to cancel a product in the future, it is easy to do so as we only produce small runs of labels, boxes and product hence there is less wastage. Please rinse and recycle our bottles after use. The future of skincare is not only quality but sustainability and we ask you to be conscious of what ingredients you put on your skin but also to do your research to be better informed.