The anti aging ingredient I will never go without

Why you want to make Rose Hip Oil part of your skins diet

Originally this blog post was written to be quite technical and informative. After several revisions, I decided to reframe it from my heart and move away from merely relaying my professional experience. I want to communicate my knowledge and passion for skincare more informally and share industry tricks and secrets in a way that others will benefit from and enjoy. Those who know me already understand the perfectionist approach I take towards my own skin and this in turn drives the dedicated efforts I place into all aspects of my work.

Having flawless skin was not always achievable. My interest in skincare developed at around the age of seventeen when I went through a stage of severe cystic acne and quite poor skin tone. I remember starting my journey in the supermarket, looking up and down the aisles for an arsenal of corrective products to use on my face. Over years I gained knowledge and became empowered – realising there are in fact effective options out there for the well-educated consumer. By the age of twenty, I was making my own exfoliants in the bathroom using crushed seeds and nut shells. I was studying full time and utilising my knowledge to blend face oils and cremes. I would visit suppliers and return home with a haul of raw materials. Using notes from my studies I would blend and blend until I made something that felt good on my skin. Through this experimentation, I decided that working directly with a chemist would yield more professional results; hence I sought funding to start the Earth to Body skincare range.

Small batch skincare is important to me because it follows the same principle when buying fresh fruit and vegetables. Skincare that is natural should always be fresh because the skin will absorb it more effectively and then you will experience noticeably better results.
To create quality skincare products, I consult regularly with a range of natural beauty experts, including my chemist. We discuss the best possible anti-aging techniques, ingredients and options available on the market. Just recently, my chemist asked me to rate out of ten how important it is to look good. Suffice to say my response was predictable – close to a ten. Why not look as good as possible? Applying products onto the face is enjoyable, especially when they smell and feel as good as rose hip oil.

Two of my products are currently (what I consider to be) the most anti-aging and hydrating to skin. These are the Night Face Oil and the Regenerative Night Face Cream. The Night Face Oil was originally created to be anti-aging and it is now something my customers rely on regularly due to its demonstrated relaxation properties and luxurious, comfortable feel on the skin. The smell is divine and the results are precise.

Sourcing a high grade Rose Hip Oil was the secret in bringing these products to life. My preference is a CO2-extracted Rose Hip Oil. This means that very little heat is used during extraction. This maintains the integrity of the oil and the vital components, usually damaged by heat during this process, are kept intact. While this raw material is very expensive, it yields superior results and is the highest grade available. Some rose hip oils may be cold pressed or solvent extracted which in turn will give them a lighter colour but also obliterate a lot of the fatty acid profile and antioxidant component. The Rose hip oil we use is a very dark orange color to signify the high amounts of antioxidants and sterols . Its use in the range was a “no brainer”.

For those who prefer a pure 100% Rose Hip oil.

Why is Rose Hip Oil important?

Rose Hip Oil is high in trans-retinoic acid. Each time you apply this oil, a portion of it will convert into a bio-available form of retinol. For those who have issues with skin texture, or want to improve skin tone, Vitamin A is a good way to kickstart this process. When Rose Hip Oil is applied to the skin, its properties allow the cells to regenerate and encourage a micro-exfoliating action to take place. This means the skin is almost in a constant state of renewal. Our skin sheds cells regularly however using a good exfoliant and face oil allows this process to continue at more frequent intervals, improving our overall complexion. Vitamin A has very small molecules which allows it to penetrate deeply, improving skin moisture levels and reducing the appearance of and fine lines.

Rose Hip Oil contains high amounts of lycopene, beta carotene and small amounts of Vitamin C and E. Conflicting reports exist which state that Vitamin C is actually present in high doses in Rose Hip Oil. However, these reports are inaccurate as Vitamin C is water soluble. It is present in a rose hip (rose plant fruit) but not the actual oil. For this reason, our Rose Hip Oil is blended with oils and other ingredients that contain high amounts of Vitamin C (i.e. pomegranate seed extract and Kakadu plum). Regular use of plant-based oils will show improvement in skin tone, texture and overall skin health. The main reason for this is the high quality fatty acid profile. Rose Hip Oil also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (Vitamin F). When these fatty acids are absorbed through the skin, they convert to prostaglandins (PGE) which assist with cellular membrane and tissue regeneration. Linoleic acid is an omega 6 fatty acid that is referred to as Vitamin F. This acid is not produced naturally. The application of Vitamin F will strengthen the skin barrier and assist with natural defence against UV exposure.

Rose Hip Oil is high in linoleic and oleic acids. These fatty acids help with cell regeneration and reduce the appearance of scars as they keep the skin soft and supple. Additional benefits of these three fatty acids include helping to minimise acne and allowing the skin to retain water more effectively – making it look youthful. The best thing about Rose Hip Oil is that it has a dry feel and will not leave a greasy film over the skin. For best results, a thorough cleanse and mild exfoliation will improve the absorption of the oil and allow for greater results.

In conclusion, Using an assortment of plant based skincare will have favorable results for the appearance and health of the skin. You can be assured that the body will communicate better with natural ingredients and in turn yield a better long term skin health and overall result.

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