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Like a dream, there is no beginning and there is no end.

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The process of creating this scent from start to finish takes us just a little under six weeks. Our first step is to blend the benzoin with the alcohol and let it macerate for a period of twelve days. Stage two is adding our woods and allowing this to mature with the benzoin for a further 8 days. Our third stage is to add our cardamom, Siberian fir and black pepper. These notes also require 7 days days to bloom within our blend. Our fourth stage involves six citrus oils such as yuzu, mandarin, clementine, lemon, bergamot and neroli . The perfume needs a further ten days once the citrus oils are added and our final stage is to add 2% Fig oil. The perfume is bottled 8 days after the final note is added.



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8 reviews for WOODY FIG

  1. Shop Local: Samuel Gravan Natural Skincare and Perfume – Space of Beauty

    […] either spray or oil form. I have been fortunate to sample a few scents including: Neroli Fleuer, Woody Fig, and my personal favourite  Vetiver Mystique, which Samuel describes as being an Earthy and […]

  2. Samantha (verified owner)

    I love this perfume- l find it intoxicating. Fresh, intriguing, lush combination of subtle fruits, citrus and other richer notes (possibly the woody scents) that lift the spirits when sprayed on before heading out into the day.

  3. Caitlin (verified owner)

    Woody Fig is how I want to smell forever. It smells amazing and I couldn’t recommend it more

  4. Dorothea

    Woody Fig is the first perfume I’m absolutely in love with in decades. Natural and out of this world delicious.
    My sister was the ultimate test case: she’s super scent sensitive and had me lay off all scents whenever I’m around her. I forgot and wore Woody Fig and … she asked me to get it for her and is wearing it!!!

  5. Lisa (verified owner)

    I am so in love with my new Woody Fig perfume! Beautiful exotic scent which is quite unusual & smells so unique. I also love the samples of the other perfumes that were sent, I am deciding which gorgeous one to order next. Keep up the good work Samuel, you are creating something really special xxx

  6. ctillyer (verified owner)

    I love the Woody Fig spray perfume. It’s so hard to get a natural perfume that hits the right notes with the right level of scent. This one is spot on.

  7. Melissa Acierno (verified owner)

    Beautiful fragrance. I have quite the fragrance collection and this is the first fragrance ever that inspired my husband to ask me what I was wearing. He has never asked about any of my high end, highly rated, iconic fragrances that I have worn. But he loves this one – and so do I. It truly is beautiful.

  8. Michelle Ives (verified owner)

    I originally just got Woody Fig, which I love, and it came with two little samples and one was La Fleur De Marakesh and I was hooked. It smelt like absolute heaven I purchased it immediately and can’t wait to sample other scents. I love the way these scents do not smell artificial. They smell like a beautiful time and place. I’m a total convert to natural scents made with tenderness. Love, love, love these perfumes.

  9. Theresa Burgess (verified owner)

    This perfume is perfection. The scent is so calming and intoxicating, I always feel more relaxed when I’m wearing it. I have received so many compliments about this perfume. This is a scent you won’t find anywhere else.

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