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La Fleur de Marrakesh is a limited edition woody, oriental slightly floral scent.  This perfume is unique and quietly confident.

Character notes of jasmine sambac, clove, cardamom, cedarwood, sandalwood, ambrette.


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  1. Jane Pearson (verified owner)

    A very beautiful fragrance, this is a spicy woody, almost fruity floral composition that takes you away to an exotic, balmy location. The opening is distinct, like a foreigner in a bustling Moroccan market place for the very first time, the rich spicy accords of cardamon and clove invade your senses. As you envisage brightly coloured weaves filled with richly scented spices, and alleyways adorned with brightly lit lanterns, glowing warmly like the golden citruses that waft on the breeze, the first hour or so of your journey is breathtaking. As you adjust to the scenery, the culture becomes more passive. The alleyways widen and brightly coloured tiled entrances invite you into private gardens. Gentle yet exotic florals, jasmin sambac, and a delicate spicy rose, brush against your skin, still spiced from the densely aromatic marketplace, leaving a subtle, indolic floral note that takes you to a far more sophisticated place. A beautiful Moroccan courtyard, draped in elegance and finery. Here, at the end of your travels, you are enraptured by light cedar, rich sandalwood, vases of beautifully ruffled and richly fragrant elegant pink roses in full bloom. And a beautiful, softly embracing ambrette, that, like the silken finery that drapes the ceilings, speaks only of a genteel opulence.
    La Fleur de Marrakesh is a rich journey of sensory awakenings.

  2. Miranda Barnes

    This is without a doubt my favourite perfume – its totally mesmerising and the warmth of the scented spices, the woody base notes together with the floral aromatics combine to create an incredibly beautiful scented journey .
    I wore this fragrance to work today with many colleagues commenting on how amazing my fragrance smelt . 4 hours after wearing this fragrance and its even more exotic & breathtakingly intoxicating.

    I am in love …. Sammy you are a fragrant genius *****

  3. Eileen (verified owner)

    This is my go to perfume when I am endeavouring to create an exotic impression; I just love the combination of smells. It certainly draws attention…mission accomplished 🙂

  4. Tracy Llanera (verified owner)

    Spicy, indolic, warming. Sits in between Rouge Perfumery Jasmin Antique (fresh/photorealistic) and Lush Sikkim Girls (sexbot jasmine) in my perfume collection. I simply love wearing it in winter!! Just purchased a 100ml bottle, which I’ll receive end of this week – can’t wait!

  5. Michelle Ives (verified owner)

    I got a sample of this decadent scent when I purchased my much loved Woody Fig and I purchased it and I do believe that I love it more!! It transports me to a scented garden on a hot summer’s night in a far away land. Sounds flakey? Try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The rich heady scent is heavenly with bitter orange, neroli, sandalwood, rose, jasmine and cardamom. It’s much deeper than Woody Fig and being a natural scent, it’s not cloying. I’m in love. I’ll be trying more of Samuel’s scents because so far, everything I’ve tried has been amazing and like nothing I’ve smelt before.

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