Product and shipping information

Before you order: Advice for local and international customers

Australia wide

Shipping is free on orders above 120aud.

In some circumstances we will ship your order express to ensure it arrives in a timely manner.

You may request samples for your order by leaving a note at checkout of the other perfumes you are interested in, alternatively we sell a sample pack of all four scents.

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Shipping is free on orders above 150aud.

Orders will go out within 48hours of receiving the order. International time frames vary from 10 – 14 business days. Please request tracking information if your order takes longer than 10 days. We have never had a parcel lost as all items are trackable and we monitor this on a daily basis. We will also ask that you double check all address details to ensure these are correct. We will send a notification a day before to let you know the order is out to be delivered.

As we are a small batch producer of natural perfumes and skincare, our limit per order of perfume is 100ml for international customers. The 100ml limit for international is due to liquids not being allowed over this amount, you are welcome to purchase smaller sizes of perfumes that equal on or below 100ml however we cannot ship a single 100ml bottle of perfume abroad. There is no limit on how much perfume oil you can order.

Items we CAN send abroad

Any items from our perfume, skin care however we cannot send 10 or 15ml sets or body care abroad due to weight.

Perfume oils or Perfume spray?

Our perfume oils are sold in 50ml sizes and are the same strength and scent of the spray however they are in an Australian Jojoba and Kakadu plum carrier blend which helps to project and carry the scent on the skin. We tend to recommend perfume oils for those who like the feel of the oil. The carrier oils have benefits for the skin whilst the sprays are more so to project the scent. The biggest difference with the perfume oils and sprays is the application. Both last just as long as each other on the skin however this is trial and error as each skin type varies. We also recommend layering our perfumes for example Woody Fig oil and a couple of sprays of the perfume go beautifully together and give the scent an extra level of projection. Conventionally sprays have been quite popular however we are seeing a trend for perfume oils as some of our customers like to apply this through their hair or on the neck. Scent is very personal and application is up to the user, we do ask to consider the perfume oils as the application is quite ritualistic and therapeutic.