Samuel Gravan in the Media

Shop Local: Samuel Gravan Natural Skincare and Perfume Green Fragrance Roundup: Strange Invisible Perfumes, Sigil Scent 6 perfumers offering chemical-free fragrances This is the scent …

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The benefits of using face oils

Face oils are blends of nut, seed and plant oils created to nourish and regenerate tired skin.
The Samuel Gravan face oil range is formulated to reduce signs of ageing, fine lines, dull complexion, dark spots and sagging. They have been designed to suit all skin types…

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Small batch for freshness, genuine anti-aging benefits

Skincare is a very important part of an anti-aging regime. Being small batch shows our commitment to fresh products that keep the active benefits alive.

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Making the switch to natural perfume

Many people are beginning to realise the benefits of going natural. The burgeoning natural perfume industry in Australia is at an exciting point where a small but significant number of options now exist. The trouble is knowing how to choose the right natural perfumes for you and your skin. Here’s everything you need to know for making the switch.

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Getting the most out of your skin care products

Getting the most out of your skin care products.
At Samuel Gravan, we are asked about ways to maximise the benefits of skin care products. Made from ingredients of the highest quality…

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Why is Rose Hip Oil important? Make Rose Hip Oil part of your skins diet.

Rose Hip Oil is high in trans-retinoic acid. Each time you apply this oil, a portion of it will convert into a bio-available form of retinol. For those who have issues with skin texture, or want to improve skin tone…

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The perfumer speaks.

It’s no wonder I’m a perfumer, as I’ve always been drawn to all types of smells. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of going to the department store with my grandfather, when I would run off to the fragrance counter to gaze at the fancy bottles and spray the perfumes all around me. My main inspiration, though, was an elderly Greek lady called Eva who lived across the road from my family home.

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New Glycerin Soap batch just finished

I have done some amazing Springtime soaps that can be ordered by clicking on the image. They are infused with Lavender flower and a energizing blend of Sicilian Bergamot and Organic Ylang Ylang oil. Great gift idea and gift wrapped.

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Samuel Gravan Hand Made Artisan Fragrances and Perfumes

Natural Fragrances vs Synthetics?

You know that feeling when you go to a Perfume counter and pick up a bottle of perfume and think; Wow!! This is amazing… ! … ?

Well.. Think again.. Yes it smells amazing.. but is it natural?

Before you continue to read this.. Think to yourself.. Is it important what I am spraying onto my body? Does using natural products have any relevance?

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What I do

My name is Samuel Gravan. I have been creating perfumes, shower gels, soaps and facial oils for almost 7 years. I have a passion …

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