Making the switch to natural perfume

Making the switch to natural perfume Many people are beginning to realise the benefits of going natural. The burgeoning natural perfume industry in Australia is at an exciting point where a small but significant number of options now exist. The trouble is knowing how to choose the right natural perfumes for you and your skin. Here’s everything you need to know for making the switch. “This gorgeous, lovely word, ‘fragrance’ has become this bucket for the beauty industry, where beauty companies can hide pretty much any ingredient – including phthalates, parabens, known endocrine disruptions, anything toxic they don’t want to list on the label. What started as perfumers wanting to preserve their secret formulas has become this chemical dumping ground.” Gwyneth Paltrow in goop newsletter 16 November 2016 There are five top reasons for going natural. The most important is obvious - less headaches. Unfortunately, some people who use synthetic perfumes suffer headaches. The chemicals used to project the scent in these perfumes are often not listed and can be quite strong. Another reason for going natural are the benefits to the health of your skin. Natural perfumes are not as harsh and people with skin allergies may benefit. Going natural doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. Some people are willing to pay a lot of money for big brand names. Natural perfumes are better value for money than their synthetic counterparts. There are also aromatherapeutic benefits associated with going natural. Some of the essential oils used in the creation of natural perfumes have demonstrated calmative effects which may benefit those who suffer stress. Natural perfumes are more dynamic because they are constructed to change on the skin while worn. Various accords may appear more strongly at different points in time over the course of the day. This makes natural perfumes unique and exciting to wear. The savvy consumer needs to know the differences between natural and synthetic perfumes. Natural perfumes were established first, being used for centuries by ancient civilisations. For example, the Ancient Egyptians cherished natural fragrant scents. Flowers used for perfumes were both indigenous (white lily and lotus) and foreign (jasmine from India, narcissus). Most of the ingredients were of plant origin. Synthetic perfumes only gained popularity around the beginning of the 20th century. Their aroma is synthesised using ‘manufactured’ ingredients whereas the aroma for natural perfumes is derived through the use of essential oils. Care needs to be taken in the production of natural perfumes. The delicate oils and other ingredients need to be processed carefully and as such the production process of natural perfumes is a complex and longer endeavour than their synthetic cousins. Care during the production process not only results in a great scent, the aromatherapeutic benefits of scents like citrus accords can be uplifting and make you feel energised. There are a number of easily avoidable mistakes people make in making the switch to natural perfume. The biggest error is dismissing a natural perfume after a single use. Natural perfumes evolve on the skin over time. Start with a smaller bottle until you begin to feel accustomed to the perfume. Natural perfumes also perform differently according to skin types, climate and the area in which they are applied. Drier skin types may struggle to hold some types of perfume. Moisturising or applying to slightly damp skin can improve longevity and projection. Natural perfumes also perform differently in various climates. A humid day may cause slightly faster rates of evaporation. In some families of perfume, humidity can actually improve performance. Natural perfumes need to be trialled and tested on the skin to see how they perform. This is a learning experience - one that is exciting and mercurial. Spraying perfume directly onto the skin and pulse points (on the chest, back of the ear, start of the hairline) will result in a greater projection.. There are a number of small things you can start doing in order to make the switch to natural perfumes. A great way to start is a gift pack from our range. The gift pack includes all of our perfumes including a smaller size of our latest scent. This allows you to try a little bit of each scent and share them with family and friends. The smaller sizes are ideal for getting to know each scent before deciding on a favourite. We also recommend for you to research the benefits of the various essential oils used in these perfumes. For example, Spicy Mandarin contains an accord of citrus, spice and precious frankincense resin. This perfume has garnered positive feedback regarding its uplifting yet complex personality. Other products from the Samuel Gravan range we would recommend are Woody Fig and Amyris Summer in the 30ml sizes. These two are our most popular as they are easy to wear and versatile. While they are unique, they are suitable for both men and women. They can be worn at anytime of the day and night and contain specific oils which give them universal appeal. Our number one tip for going natural is to spend time researching the essential oils, scents or accords you like. See whether elements of your scent profile can be found in the list of ingredients. Have fun experimenting and we are on hand to answer any questions or provide advice.

Getting the most out of your skin care products

Getting the most out of your skin care products.
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The perfumer speaks.

It’s no wonder I’m a perfumer, as I’ve always been drawn to all types of smells. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of going to the department store with my grandfather, when I would run off to the fragrance counter to gaze at the fancy bottles and spray the perfumes all around me. My main inspiration, though, was an elderly Greek lady called Eva who lived across the road from my family home. Eva was a fascinating lady who was educated and well-travelled. I would sit in her lounge room and be transfixed by her stories of faraway places. She mostly spoke Greek so I absorbed maybe 20% of what she used to say, but either way the passion and knowledge she had about her subject matter really engaged me. Eva had a cabinet full of the precious oils and trinkets she had collected on her travels. She was my first introduction into the world of perfumery and, because of Eva, I developed an interest in essential oils and other countries and cultures. My parents are Greek-Australian. My grandparents migrated here in the 1950s to start a new life and set up businesses. I’m the eldest child of three boys, and my mother was only 26 when I was born. She always tells the story of when I was three days old and she and my father brought me home from hospital. They drove home during a massive thunderstorm, with me all nice and snug in my baby basket. My mother says that she went to pass the baby basket to my dad, but he was in such a hurry in the pouring rain that he only grabbed one of the handles. The basket tipped over and I rolled out of it and into a muddy grass patch – face first. I had mud all over my face, but I didn’t even cry, apparently. I just looked at her with sad eyes. I like to think that this early experience of being dropped on my face gave me some of that Spartan grit that I have today. As I grew older, I still visited Eva regularly and my Greek was really starting to improve. Eva lived in her home until she was 94, when she went to a nursing home almost an hour’s drive away. I visited her once a month, and during this time we formed an even stronger bond. I’d started learning to make perfumes by this stage and I decided that when my first perfume was finished, I would name it ‘Eva’. Unfortunately, I never had the courage to present it to her, as it was never good enough. I had almost finished it, but then she died in 2014. I kept working at improving my perfume-making and blending skills, but sometimes things wouldn’t go my way and the frustration during the long hours and late nights played with my head. I would throw in the towel and go to bed, deciding to give up my dreams of being a perfumer. Then, next morning, I would wake up and go straight back to work. Quitting was never really in my vocabulary. I started making my own perfumes, mostly because I was tired of all the other ones on the market. I wanted to be an individual and in a way that was natural, as a lot of perfumes were giving me headaches. The brand Samuel Gravan was launched nearly one year ago, and it hosts six authentically natural perfumes and 12 different skincare products that are handmade in small batches. I work with a cosmetic chemist and other skincare professionals and we use the finest oils and plant extracts to create truly natural products. My skincare brand is called Earth to Body to emphasise the products’ connection with the natural world. My fragrances smell like the flowers they come from, and they harness the power of nature and the beautiful, bold aromas of the essential oils and resins that I use. My studies in aromatherapy have taught me that essential oils have possibilities beyond our imagination to awaken and enrich our senses and our moods. I love what I do. I enjoy the solitude of working alone and blending essential oils in a beaker, and the fragrances of my favourite ingredients always bring a sense of grounding and comfort to me. Essential oils are very healing and mixing perfume is quite a spiritual thing to do. I find it soothing and a great way to reconnect with my inner soul. Longer term, I would like to continue my travels around the world to collect rare and precious essential oils, resins and plant matter. I want to continue to bring something different to my perfumes so that each one is truly unique. My latest release, Amyris Summer, was almost six months in the making. Its development was influenced by a lot of people I met as I travelled around Hungary, Prague and Italy. I am grateful to be able to bring something natural and unique to this world in the form of a perfume with a genuinely interesting story.  

New Glycerin Soap batch just finished

I have done some amazing Springtime soaps that can be ordered by clicking on the image. They are infused with Lavender flower and a energizing blend of Sicilian Bergamot and Organic Ylang Ylang oil. Great gift idea and gift wrapped. “Thank you! I always like to hear feedback and encourage all opinions as this helps me improve. Please reply to this email with your thoughts on any samples recieved . I am giving away a “neroli white” Organic Perfume sample and small bottle of my new Rosewood and Spice Shower gel with every order made . All my range has been created in collaboration with a cosmetic chemist.This one is very luxurious and creates a sensual shower experience”. Please like my Facebook and Instagram page for more updates. SaveWalnut shell in a rich cream base of Shea Nut Butter, Babassu Butter , Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils is the key to gently exfoliating your body. Your skin will feel renewed and softened. Feel your pores breathe once again. The uplifting yet sensual combination of Ylang Ylang, Basil and Lemongrass Oils is the perfect start to a beautiful evening of indulgence. 

Natural Fragrances vs Synthetics?

You know that feeling when you go to a Perfume counter and pick up a bottle of perfume and think; Wow!! This is amazing… ! … ? Well.. Think again.. Yes it smells amazing.. but is it natural? Before you continue to read this.. Think to yourself.. Is it important what I am spraying onto my body? Does using natural products have any relevance? We are bombarded by so many things in this world. The air we breathe is dictated to by the environment in which we live. We are subjected on a daily basis to noise.. pollution.. I have always had a hypersensitivity to many things.. maybe a little bit OCD… but the things that really get on my nerves are Noise, litter and smell. Firstly.. I absolutely despise Loud noise.. especially motor vehicles rev their engines up and make themselves heard. I really am sensitive to these types of sounds. I think living in a very dense city and so many vehicles and people on the road; The last thing we need is extra noise.. Is their any chance we can put a law or tax on noise pollution? The world is at peace when their is silence.. hence why I meditate and escape to the various wine and peaceful regions Australia has to offer . My favourite place being Flinders Island . Smell.. Yes especially anything that you buy from a supermarket.. I especially hate deodorants. The spray ones. Ban them. The smell of hydrocarbon is not a pleasant one. We should be using roll ons. The environment hates it too.. sure it is only a tiny fraction of the environmental impact that other industries have ; albeit still a horrible smell and damaging to my sensitive nose tissues and my respiratory system. Perfumes… They are amazing.. They smell great and have this beautiful comforting warm. Unfortunately I can smell a synthetic fragrance from metres away. I am not mentioning names. I do not understand why someone would pay so many hundreds of dollars for a fragrance with a beautiful bottle.. but they fragrance has been created in a lab? Why would you put something that is man made on your body? The power of marketing I guess… My purpose with Samuel Gravan Perfume is to bring awareness to natural Fragrances enriched with Essential oils and herbs, distillates, extracts. I want to educate people that we can control what we put on our body. The first step is to look at EVERY single ingredient in EVERY single product that we use. We need to raise awareness about the chemicals in our environment. There are so many brands out there making billions of dollars a year.. Do you know why? Because their margins are so fat and flowing from the amount of refined petrochemicals and mineral oils they are putting into their products. Google it. If you care about your health and your skin; You should choose wisely what you put on it. This starts with being aware of plant based alternatives. My Perfumes all harness the power of nature and Essential oils . My teachings in Herbalist and Aromatherapy have taught me that essential oils have possibilities beyond our imagination to invigorate, awaken and enrich the senses and our moods. I use ethically sourced essential oils favoring organic and sustainable farming methods. I choose steam distillation and cold pressed oils.. My fragrances smell like the flowers they come from. . The oils are bold and beautiful. Synthetic smells stand no chance against the beauty of nature.. I speak the truth when I encourage people to do their own research into a brand and ask many questions before applying it to their skin. Trust and Integrity are two things that a quality business revolves around. The information I give to my customers is always honest and with good intention. I encourage all to be moreso aware of this manufactured world we live in and choose wisely what you are using on your skin.

What I do

My name is Samuel Gravan. I have been creating perfumes, shower gels, soaps and facial oils for almost 7 years. I have a passion for  natural and  botanical ingredients. All my essential oils are responsibly sourced and everything is created by hand .  I also collaborate with a fellow perfumer to create custom made fragrances for specific tastes After years of creating perfumes; I decided to bring to the market only four of my best. Vetiver Absolute Woody Fig Bella Pomme Spicy Mandarin.  I have more information about each of these fragrances in the header titled ” Fine Fragrances”  My other works include shower gels, facial oils and handmade soaps ( limited stock).