You know that feeling when you go to a Perfume counter and pick up a bottle of perfume and think; Wow!! This is amazing… ! … ?

Well.. Think again.. Yes it smells amazing.. but is it natural?

Before you continue to read this.. Think to yourself.. Is it important what I am spraying onto my body? Does using natural products have any relevance?

We are bombarded by so many things in this world. The air we breathe is dictated to by the environment in which we live. We are subjected on a daily basis to noise.. pollution..

I have always had a hypersensitivity to many things.. maybe a little bit OCD… but the things that really get on my nerves are Noise, litter and smell.

Firstly.. I absolutely despise Loud noise.. especially motor vehicles rev their engines up and make themselves heard. I really am sensitive to these types of sounds. I think living in a very dense city and so many vehicles and people on the road; The last thing we need is extra noise.. Is their any chance we can put a law or tax on noise pollution? The world is at peace when their is silence.. hence why I meditate and escape to the various wine and peaceful regions Australia has to offer . My favourite place being Flinders Island .

Smell.. Yes especially anything that you buy from a supermarket.. I especially hate deodorants. The spray ones. Ban them. The smell of hydrocarbon is not a pleasant one. We should be using roll ons. The environment hates it too.. sure it is only a tiny fraction of the environmental impact that other industries have ; albeit still a horrible smell and damaging to my sensitive nose tissues and my respiratory system.

Perfumes… They are amazing.. They smell great and have this beautiful comforting warm. Unfortunately I can smell a synthetic fragrance from metres away. I am not mentioning names.
I do not understand why someone would pay so many hundreds of dollars for a fragrance with a beautiful bottle.. but they fragrance has been created in a lab? Why would you put something that is man made on your body? The power of marketing I guess…

My purpose with Samuel Gravan Perfume is to bring awareness to natural Fragrances enriched with Essential oils and herbs, distillates, extracts. I want to educate people that we can control what we put on our body. The first step is to look at EVERY single ingredient in EVERY single product that we use. We need to raise awareness about the chemicals in our environment. There are so many brands out there making billions of dollars a year.. Do you know why? Because their margins are so fat and flowing from the amount of refined petrochemicals and mineral oils they are putting into their products. Google it. If you care about your health and your skin; You should choose wisely what you put on it. This starts with being aware of plant based alternatives.

My Perfumes all harness the power of nature and Essential oils . My teachings in Herbalist and Aromatherapy have taught me that essential oils have possibilities beyond our imagination to invigorate, awaken and enrich the senses and our moods.
I use ethically sourced essential oils favoring organic and sustainable farming methods. I choose steam distillation and cold pressed oils..
My fragrances smell like the flowers they come from. . The oils are bold and beautiful. Synthetic smells stand no chance against the beauty of nature.. I speak the truth when I encourage people to do their own research into a brand and ask many questions before applying it to their skin. Trust and Integrity are two things that a quality business revolves around. The information I give to my customers is always honest and with good intention. I encourage all to be moreso aware of this manufactured world we live in and choose wisely what you are using on your skin.


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