Getting the best results out of your skin care.

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At Samuel Gravan, we are asked about ways to maximise the benefits of skin care products. Made from ingredients of the highest quality, discerningly sourced for their anti-aging and corrective properties, purchasing Samuel Gravan products is an investment in the health and appearance of your skin. The way our products are used can contribute greatly to the way your skin looks and feels. Noticeable improvements can be made by following a few simple principles.

When is the best time to apply?

Face wash

The gentle face wash is formulated for oily or combination skin. The natural oils of palmarosa and Egyptian geranium are extremely pleasant while they nourish and stimulate the skin. This is the first step to any skincare routine. This product is certified organic and has a liquid castile soap base. Its consistency is very smooth and free flowing. It does not need to be left on the skin too long and is also effective at removing make up. For skin types that are sensitive, dry or mature, we recommend using a non-foaming cleanser or a crème based cleanser. This is currently being formulated and will soon be added to our range. In the meantime, the multi-functional face exfoliant is excellent.

Face Exfoliant

We recommend using the face exfoliant up to three times a week. With a certified organic crème base, this popular product contains argan shell and finely grated pumice stone. It is best to follow with a toner and to finish by moisturising. Our toner combining rose water, sandalwood and sambac jasmine is now available on our online shop.

Day Crème
The day crème is best applied in the morning (but can be applied at any time throughout the day). Day crème is designed to be light and work well with the application of other products, including make up. It invigorates the appearance of the skin and leaves a very soft, discreet dewiness. The skin will not feel greasy or look shiny because the oils used are very close to having a natural pH and sebum level. The crème will continue to be absorbed throughout the day.

Day Oil

For those who prefer a lighter feel, we recommend the day oil. The day oil is infused with mandarin and includes a hint of black pepper. This helps to invigorate the skin and enhance natural glow. The day oil is very easy to wear and can be used at any time, on any skin type.

Night Oil

As its name suggests, night oil is best applied at night. This product is richer than the day oil and targets specific/problematic skin concerns. The night oil is infused with vetiver and ylang ylang oil. Both of these essential oils are renowned for their cell regeneration abilities and relaxing effect on facial muscles. This is the perfect combination to prepare you for sleep and allow the regenerative properties work all night long. Night oil delivers maximum corrective results without being overpowering before bed.

How much product should I use?

Sometimes we can overdo the amount of product applied. In this instance the old adage applies – less is more. Using large amounts of product does not always equate to faster or more improved results. Additionally, this can be wasteful and costly. Here’s what we advise.

Face Exfoliant

In regards to the exfoliant, this only needs to be a small amount. You may exfoliate the whole face up to three times a week, or we also recommend using the exfoliant around the cheekbone area and lower jaw. Everyone’s skin reacts differently and may require more or less product. We recommend experimenting with the amount of product used to get the individual balance right for you. Using the face exfoliant a few times a week is a very good way to refine and contour the skin without drying it. The exfoliant is not only certified organic, but smells uplifting and makes for a pleasant beauty experience.

Face Oils

Face oils can be used in small amounts as they are concentrated. 5-6 drops is usually enough to treat the entire face. We recommend applying face oils around the orbital eye and cheek area and a little bit around lower jaw. These oils are very pure and hydrating. Individual skin types may experience different results. The face oils are high in vital nutrients and vitamins and with continued use may show a more youthful appearance.

Face Crèmes

Face crèmes are hydrating and just enough should be used to lightly cover the face without being too thick. Excess face crème is unnecessary. It may be useful to apply face crème in greater amounts if the skin is very dry or you intend to wear it as an overnight mask. In instances where the skin is dry, we recommend preparing the skin by using a toner and then dampening the skin before applying the face crème. This allows the crème to penetrate deeply. Face crèmes are carefully formulated to be effective and corrective. The fatty acid profile in these crèmes helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and enrich the tissues, plumping up the skin, making it look and feel hydrated. Always apply carefully. Never rub the skin or be too rough with the face. Apply in upward motions and slowly caress the skin using the fingertips to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage.

What advice can you give people with different skin types?

There are some simple things you can do to enhance the effectiveness of your skin care products. Any successful skincare regimens benefits from the use of a high quality sunscreen, a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids (e.g. fish oil) and ensuring that your body stays hydrated (drinking water is essential, green juices are also excellent).

Sensitive or dry skin

Use an exfoliant, toner and face oil/crème. Start with a very small amount of each product and monitor how your skin responds. It is important to look for any signs of irritation or redness. Using a natural product range, like Samuel Gravan, eliminates many of the issues associated with the synthetic ingredients and chemicals found in some other product ranges. Sensitive skin can be quite susceptive to products containing fragrance. Always read the product label to understand exactly what ingredients are being applied to your skin. All products in our range have been carefully scented using natural essential oils which greatly reduces the risk of skin irritation. Our range is also chemical free and plant based – it is very gentle and adapts well to any skin type.

Mature skin

For mature skin, hydration is key. Avoid over-cleansing and over-exfoliating. You want to preserve the natural oils on your face. Over-cleansing strips the skin of its natural oils and dries it out. Using a gel based cleanser or crème is best. We recommend the face exfoliant as this cleanses and lightly exfoliates, without drying the skin. Using any of the face oils and the night crème is recommended as these are quite rich and the skin will absorb them nicely. Once again, small amounts are recommended and to increase as the skin responds positively.

The best way to hydrate mature skin is to increase your dietary intake of fatty acids or good fats (e.g. avocado, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, oils such as chia seed oil and evening primrose oil). Diet plays an important role in assisting skin tissue. Decreasing saturated fats in your diet and increasing your intake of virgin oils makes the world of difference. You want to hydrate by drinking water and having a healthy, plant based diet. Doing so works internally to support the products applied to the face and body. You can also use body balm around the neck area but not the face as it will be too heavy. Mature skin will reap the benefits of this range as the face crèmes are high in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that assist the skin to repair and renew.

Combination skin

Use products with ingredients that are gentle on the skin and use them sparingly. A face crème will be very helpful to this skin type, as will a light cleanse. You do not need to overdo your routine and always incorporate a face mist to hydrate the skin and prepare it for the application of face oil or crème. Using a facial exfoliant is a good option as the skin will feel uplifted and rejuvenated.

Oily skin

This skin type is most volatile and break outs can occur quickly and easily. Using a very good quality cleanser and an exfoliant will help to clean and keep acne at bay. This skin type benefits from very small amounts of face oils and day crème. Avoid over-moisturising as this skin type already produces enough natural oils to maintain hydration. Face oils will assist with issues relating to hyperpigmentation and general tone and texture of the skin. We recommend they be used sparingly, avoiding areas high in natural oil production, such as the nose and t-zone. These areas produce the most natural oil and are the most volatile regions for this skin type. A good quality anti-bacterial cleanser is very helpful. Our face cleanser in this range will reduce sheen and help to ‘mattify’ the look of your skin.

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